Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Slipcovers - for our car seats!

I am over the moon about our new custom made ORGANIC car seat covers. The wonderful Kate at Sassy Stork (whom I found on Etsy) made these and I am so pleased. 

When we purchased our toddler car seats, I did a lot of research (using the EWG web site) to find the healthiest/safest car seats that we could. We opted for the seats that were ranked the cleanest, but I still always struggled with the possibility of unknown chemicals applied to the fabrics during manufacturing. I also did a search for custom covers at that time, but didn't find any options that were organic (primarily, that used organic batting). 

Now there is an option, which is wonderful! These covers replicate the exact dimensions and fit of the manufacturer's version that we are replacing. 

Sassy Stork uses organic batting (cotton or wool) and organic fabric, for which there are several choices.  


Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Blueberry

Blueberries are in. We have been bringing home quarts upon quarts of them from our local co-op. These are organic low bush blueberries. The fruit is smaller than the high bush varieties, and (according to the dumplings), "They are so cute!" 

We eat our blueberries with yogurt mostly. And of course, spilled over our favorite french toast or pancake breakfast. 

Happy blueberries to you. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Master Bedroom

Like the other rooms in our rental house, our bedroom has been pulled together with love and desire for comfort and happiness. But also, with the need to use things we already had on hand. The only new items are the curtains (IKEA) and their hardware (from our local curtain shop). I also picked up the wicker basket for holding firewood on the hearth. 

With many of our belongings still in boxes (beloved picture frames, dish ware, artwork, etc.), we are living very comfortably but sparsely. I have always gravitated toward minimalist design so it doesn't bother me. But there's always that vase you need, or picture frame you miss seeing... 

I took these images in the early morning so the room is quite dark. 

The wrinkled duvet cover and bed linens are fresh from the wash but not from the ironing board - no time for that I'm afraid. If I waited to take pictures until I pressed the bed linens, I would never post on it! 

Here are a few more photos just before bedtime. I decided to use the IKEA bed from our old guest house because it's so comfortable. I love the padded headboard and the ease with which you can nestle in with a good book. 

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