Friday, December 19, 2014

Getting Ready for Christmas in our (Rental) House

Here are a few scenes from around our house as the holidays near. The initial move-in date at our new home (just down the river from us) was supposed to be Christmas. But in the end it was not meant to be, and we are alright with that as our rental house feels as close to home as one could ever wish for. 

Our little dumplings LOVE to decorate the Christmas tree. In fact, last year they decorated the tree half a dozen times. This year, they were happy with a festive night of tree trimming and have, for the most part, been content to just revel in their tree trimming accomplishment from that night (all ornaments are hanging by the last pine needle of each bough, and amazingly, are staying there). 

Grandma has already sent along some presents, which have been admired - pushed around the room like cars, made into a train, stacked like a tree - but unopened. 

My dear friend Lisa brought me this lovely chair last October. It provides the perfect fireside spot - if we were brave enough to light a fire in the fireplace (after meeting with many chimney inspectors over at our new house, we are even more leery of attempting a fire than we were last year). 

The twinkle from battery operated candles (these are so wonderful during power outages and also for a household with little ones) will have to do. 

The room hasn't changed much since last year, except for the fact that we are in here all the time now. Ever since the flu swept through our house after Thanksgiving, this has been the recovery room. Now that the tree stands aglow, it is our favorite room in the house. 

A month ago, this room was being used as storage and a renovation workspace. We had a newly purchased full sized cannon ball bed, a gilt pier mirror, a Federal mirror and some fireplace accessories all being stored here. Everything has since been relocated to the new house except for this Federal mirror. 

Even though it doesn't really 'go' with the rest of the room, it's fun to have it there, especially if you're a four year old. They like to sit on the sofa and see themselves and the rest of the room in the all-reflecting convex mirror. 

I get a lot of inquiries as to how the white sofa is holding up in a house with young children. I did have a sheet over it during the flu episode, but typically have it uncovered. So far, it shows no signs of dirt and wear. I'm sure that being a shoe-less household that eats meals and drinks (except water) at the dining room table contributes to that. 

I remind myself that I can remove the cushion cover and wash it easily. I also had a second cover made as backup. So despite it's vulnerability, we use it without hesitation. 

I started a Christmas basket in the room, and although these items spend most of their time on the floor or elsewhere throughout the house, it's nice to have a place to put them at the end of the day (or week). 

Among my favorite things about this house are the shutters. They are wonderful and I hope to replicate them in some of the rooms in our new house. They offer privacy without blocking the beauty of natural light. 

I bought all of our simple evergreen wreaths from a nearby family. I thought of decorating them but this is the only one I got to. I just hung some jingle bells on it that usually hang on a door knob. 

The mudroom is our primary entrance to the house. It is always filled with wonderful light. I bought these seagrass rugs when we moved in and I can't say enough about them. They are bullet proof. 

For those who have followed along for awhile, this Lois Phillipe mirror used to be in our old dining room (at the farmhouse). The table used to be in the guest house. 

Wicker and wool. This is where we keep our woolens (a variety of mittens, hats and scarves). 

Typically, mitten pairs take some effort to find as this basket sees lots of rummaging. 

My friend gave me some paper white bulbs, which are the only bulbs we have growing in the house at the moment. 

All of our brass candlesticks are somewhere in the storage unit. I almost asked Mike to try and find the box but decided we could go one more Christmas without them. I did happen across a  faux brass pair at an antique store for under $20, so I bought them to add more sparkle to the mantle. All the while, I was telling the salesperson that it's a little silly that I'm buying these because I have a whole BOX of them stored somewhere in our storage unit. 

Wishing everyone the coziest cheer for this holiday season! 

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