Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Creating a Shower from a Closet

It seems so long ago that this closet in the upstairs bath was just a closet. We have no regrets about giving it up in order to create a shower. That said, when Mike told me recently that the shower was the most expensive ten square feet of our renovation, I was speechless. 

Here is a peek at our closet-turned-shower as of late. The process that led to this point has been a lengthy one, but we're close. 

The waterproofing is done, and we're finally ready for stone and tile.

Along the way, the walls were stripped to the studs and plumbing roughed in. 

Mike reframed the floor and walls in the shower to prepare for the waterproofing and stone. He had to adjust this multiple times (making various changes) due to plumbing and fixture revelations that occurred along the way. 

Here is Todd. He is the tile installer that the mason who will be installing the marble insisted waterproof the shower. Since this is a second floor location, we were more than happy to relinquish this task to a pro. He used the Schluter shower lining system, recommended by many to ensure flawless water containment. 

I came across this photograph (of the other side of the upstairs bath) while looking for some shower images. I love the old wallpaper that was on the bathroom walls. Because this clearly wasn't always a bathroom (the house was built before indoor plumbing), I wonder what the room had been used for. 

The wallpaper that was buried all these years gleams next to the secret window that had been covered over by the tub surround sometime along the way. 

Besides progress with the shower, Mike has been busy starting to tear off the old siding and getting ready for the new freshly primed clapboards which will be installed starting next week. 

This will transform the house from having peeling grey paint to a crisp bright white. 

We are getting there...
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