Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Bathroom Mystery

I suppose, technically, something is not a mystery if you never suspected anything amiss. We had walked through the upstairs master bathroom a dozen times and it never dawned on us that there was something not quite right

The first clue is that the upstairs bathroom is stacked exactly on top of the downstairs bathroom. The toilet and the baths are in the same place in both bathrooms, with the exception of the upstairs sink being located on the south wall, instead of the north wall. 

Here's the second clue. This is the downstairs bathroom. 

Any guesses what's missing in the upstairs bathroom? 

Here's another clue...The upstairs shower stall. 

And another clue...The downstairs bathtub. 

Do you see it? 

If not, this is what I was looking at the other morning when I noticed the upstairs window - drawn closed with one of the vinyl shades. Wait, hadn't we removed all of those? 

Then I realized that it is not a shade at all, as that is where the shower surround is located. 

The window had been covered up to allow for a shower surround.

I can't believe we didn't notice this earlier! 

We will uncover the window in the renovation. It changes ALL of my plans for that bathroom but I'm excited to bring more light into that room. 

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